About Us


 untitled-designPure Latin fun.

The authentic flavors of Mexico and Central and South America are presented with contemporary style, (and a little artistic license) and blended in a way that embraces the soul of these familiar cuisines. The result is a menu of fresh, novel dishes to pass around the table. Our dishes are planet-friendly, and made to order with locally sourced, all natural, healthy ingredients, Mizado Latin Kitchen creates unexpected discoveries of mouth-watering morsels.

The cocktail menu features chef-crafted cocktails made with fresh ingredients and blended with the highest quality tequilas, piscos, whiskeys, rums, and mezcals. The artisanal private barrel tequila and fresh squeezed juices are the keys to the Mizado Margarita, and yes, wine does go with Mexican food! Upbeat music drives the lively vibe. The modern look of the dining room and the outdoor patio, combined with the unique blend of Latin foods and the setting in the midst of the cemeteries, brings home the goal of dining at Mizado Latin Kitchen: Live a Full Life! To us, Mizado means to celebrate the good life with good food in a fun, engagement environment.